Health checks


Pursuant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the employer is obligated to organise health checks for employees, whose health may be damaged in the course of work by an occupational hazards or the type of work and cover the associated expenses. The occupational health doctor will evaluate the health status of the employee and whether the work environment or organisation of work are suitable to the employee and will determine any possible occupational disease or illnesses brought on by work.

Mediserv OÜ operates pursuant to the activity licences No. L04053 and L01904 for the mobile clinic and has over thirteen years of experience in occupational health checks. Our specialists have compiled health packages pursuant to the hazards in the work environment. Mediserv’s Tallinn clinic offers in-depth eye and vision examinations for people working with screens. It is also possible to purchase glasses from our clinic. We take a flexible approach to the customer’s wishes and provide our quality services at reasonable prices.

Our contractual customers can register for an occupational health doctor’s appointment on our website’s homepage. We ask our new customers to contact our registration centre at or by phone at 5664 1211 or 433 6146.




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